How is the acrylic display stand durable?

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How is the acrylic display stand durable?

The service life of the acrylic material display stand is mainly determined by the material of the acrylic itself. You may have to ask here, is there a difference between acrylics? Yes, acrylic is divided into extrusion plates and casting plates according to the way of casting, and is divided into imported plates and domestic plates according to the different origins. There is also a significant difference in durability.


Generally speaking, the quality of the poured acrylic sheet under the same parameters is higher than that of the extruded sheet, and the quality of the domestic acrylic sheet is slightly weaker than that of the imported sheet. The average domestic acrylic sheet has the best display effect for 3-5 years, that is, its gloss and performance are in the best condition, the service life is about 10 years, and the imported high-quality acrylic sheet can have 20-30 years. The service life. So this is the first parameter that distinguishes the durability of an acrylic display stand.

Secondly, different usage environments and usage habits will also affect the life of the acrylic display stand. Friction and scraping of the surface of the acrylic sheet will affect the gloss of the surface and the overall display effect, so sometimes the display rack is eliminated not because of the service life, but the improper use habits lead to its early retirement. At the same time, the acrylic material is easily soluble in organic solvents, so pay special attention to the type of detergent when cleaning. Never use ordinary glass water, wipe it with a soft towel and some soapy water.

Some of the precautions mentioned above can be used to maximize the value of the acrylic display stand.


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