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1, IPC

In recent years, the application of IPC + NVR has been increasing year by year and growing faster and faster, which also shows the market demand for IPC and NVR is larger. The development of NVR and IPC complement each other and will become a trend in the future.

NVR development and development of front-end IPC are inseparable, IPC mainly to solve the problem of data acquisition, converted to compressed bit stream, transmitted through the network to the back-end equipment. NVR mainly to solve the transmission over the code stream storage, preview, playback, forwarding and so on. In recent years, due to the strong demand in the market, many manufacturers have increased their investment in research and development of back-end equipment. Up to now, many manufacturers can provide total solutions based on high definition, many of which are also applied to actual projects. And with the deepening of IP, the domestic IPC brand has gained more opportunities. The gap between the main technical indexes of domestic brands IPC and the international brands is getting smaller and the cost advantage is obviously higher than that of international brands. We predict that in the next 2-3 years, domestic brands will gradually replace imported brands.

With the development of high-definition IP cameras and the maturity of the industry chain, accelerating the entire industry quickly from the traditional analog DVR plus matrix solutions toward high-definition, IP-based solutions for the development. During the reporting period, with the trend of IP-based video products, the Company continued to increase R & D investment, strengthened and improved a full range of IP products and solutions, and promoted the rapid growth of the Company's IP video products. Dahua shares annual report pointed out that the company SmartIPC as the representative of intelligent solutions to promote the video surveillance in the era of universal access and applications.

2, information security technology

Although security vendors' security incidents occurred in early 2015, which do not seem to be related to the 2014 annual report, the issue of information security has drawn the attention of the security industry. The annual report pointed out that although the company has invested resources to prevent product information security risks in the Internet application environment, there may still be third parties (including computer viruses, malware, hacker attacks and the like) that deliberately attempt to compromise the company's surveillance system / Product, causing security problems with video surveillance storing or transmitting information. Although in the past, the company did not encounter any significant adverse business impact due to attacks or product / system accidents, there are still risks in the future. In 2015, as the country attaches great importance to information security, the security industry will continue its technical products for information security.


Currently, in the monitoring industry, 1080P has not been fully popularized, and a higher level of 4K has become a hot topic in the industry, security monitoring, the pursuit of monitoring video clarity is always clearer the better, This monitor screen can retain more effective information, the higher the accuracy of access to evidence, 4K is to meet this demand.

So 4K is how to meet this demand? We know that the images are made up of pixels one by one, the more pixels per unit area, then the details of the image it presents the more rich, a little bit of detail in the picture Contrast can be presented, on the contrary, the details of the screen may show a chaotic scene, become the monitoring error, which is why people are infinite pursuit of clarity, in addition, 4K camera relative 1080P camera has another advantage, that is When both are at the same sharpness, the 4K camera's viewing angle is four times the 1080P viewing angle, which means that in places where large scene monitoring is required, a 4K camera will replace two to three cameras to achieve the same Performance, which is of great help to the stability of the monitoring project.

Of course, 4K has a lot of advantages, but its system requirements for the entire project are also quite high. At present, the mainstream encoding technology is still H.264. Under such encoding technology, the storage requirement of 4K will double to that of 1080P Of the growth in the current monitoring of many projects, the storage occupied by the expenditure has reached 50 or more, the cost increase will give users unbearable costs. In addition, the current 1080P to achieve real-time monitoring results, the need 4-6Mbps bandwidth, 4k is required at least 10Mbps above to achieve real-time monitoring, in addition to the performance requirements of the back-end equipment is also higher, such as the display device Also need to reach the 4k standard, in a word, if the entire monitoring project using 4k, then the cost will be exponential growth, which greatly restricted its wide application, but there is no doubt that the security industry, 4K or even higher 8k Is its inevitable trend of development.

Infineon Annual Report refers to the company completed in 2014 4K HD smart fixed camera, integrated ultra-high definition and intelligent features research and development, including 4K HD smart fixed camera and 180 degrees panoramic camera to reach the leading domestic level. In many security industry trends, low-light monitoring technology is also an inevitable trend of development, after all, the security industry selling is safe, and more than 90% of crimes occur at night or when the light is poor, if abandoned How to monitor nighttime security? Therefore, low-light cameras are usually used in the night or in poor light scenes to protect people's lives and property.

4, low light

The principle of low-light camera and ordinary camera is the same, the biggest difference is that the monitoring performance under low light, the current without the need for additional lighting equipment, the effective monitoring illumination value reached 0.001Lux and below, is often called This is the best type of low-light camera for Starlight cameras.

Low-light monitoring technology is currently based on the sacrifice of color, black and white images in the form of display to achieve lower illumination monitoring needs, and the use of infrared or laser lighting even more so, but to achieve color monitoring, only The use of white light to illuminate, and white light irradiation range and application are limited, and it will lead to light pollution, to bring adverse effects.

Currently, the 2-megapixel camera's low-light effect has been more mature, the basic can meet the monitoring needs of 24 hours, along with the continuous improvement of definition and low-light monitoring technology, the future of monitoring completely dark At the same time, also with a clearer picture to please your attention. In 2014, Infiniti developed a star-rated low-light-weight IP HD fixed camera for nighttime applications.

5, intelligent analysis

With the continuous development of video analysis technology and continuous improvement of computer processing capabilities, IVS, that is, intelligent analysis system, has gradually become a research hotspot. Now, IVS common applications face recognition and license plate recognition.

IVS has played a significant role in improving the utilization efficiency of security precaution systems. Nowadays, IVS applications are mainly used in specific scenes such as road monitoring, detention centers, prisons, museums, warehouses, factories and subway stations in safe cities. However, Commercial monitoring has not been effectively promoted.

The biggest advantage of IVS is that it can replace part of repetitive manual labor and improve the efficiency of video surveillance from the passive and immediate treatment to the active and ex ante defense. IVS can detect and deal with emergencies in real time, such as traffic accidents or illegal intrusion; can release the image content of important events in real time, provide decision-makers with image analysis and statistical reports to enhance the basis of decision-making; and can support open-architecture Standard format, structured data, analog / digital signal flow, can push intelligent analysis of video content to different channels and mobile devices. These advantages of IVS make it will be the hot spot in 2015.

In addition, IVS also has its technical flaws: the accuracy of IVS judgment can not reach 100%, and the accuracy of regional inspection and over-wire inspection is usually around 95. Especially at night, if the light is too dark, the noise is increased, and the definition of the image is diminished External factors will lead to the accuracy of its decline. With the passage of time, science and technology will be more and more progressive, the function of video analysis will be more and more powerful, its accuracy will also be improved, and the application of intelligent judging behavior will be correspondingly increased, IVS will be more effective in the future To replace manpower, get more widely used.

Prospects for the future development of Guangzhou Kuai Xin pointed out that data mining and intelligent analysis will become the new hot spot in the video surveillance industry. With the development of high definition and intelligence and the application of big data technology, data mining and intelligent analysis have become new hot spots in the video surveillance industry. In addition to the traditional surveillance forensics, the video applications are being managed by the incident, ex post disposition to advance warning to expand. At the same time, more new video data analysis applications such as video analytics, traffic statistics and consumer behavior analysis continue to emerge, and visualization applications have also extended beyond the traditional field of security.

6, cloud computing

Cloud computing is a form of computing that has developed in recent years. As a new concept of information service model, it automates IT resource scheduling and high-speed information deployment as well as excellent scalability. In the face of large data volume, large application load fluctuation , Data sharing requirements, high availability, high stability and the demand for real-time processing of demanding information, cloud computing has become the key technology to solve the above problems.

Cloud computing is an Internet-based method of computing in which shared hardware and software resources and information can be provided to computers or other devices on demand, from a shared, configurable repository and quickly available And teacher. And cloud computing with super computing power, versatility, scalability, innovative big data machine learning algorithms, data reliability, easy maintenance and low cost. For example, in a safe city, the project of intelligent transportation can effectively analyze and process huge, complex and disorderly data through powerful distributed computing capabilities, thereby enabling or removing relevant data. The use of cloud computing, as long as the cost of spending a few days and can be completed, if replaced by manpower processing, at least a few months time, the cost is a hundred times increase.

Although cloud computing gives us a lot of convenience, there are privacy and security issues in operations because cloud technology data is shared and all data is collected, which inevitably leads to public and corporate information data Security and privacy protection. Personal privacy reselling, the disclosure of business secrets, the safety data leakage and other organs will have a certain impact on society. Of course, under the government's advocacy, the security and reliability of Internet information will be strengthened. Cloud computing

Security will be more secure, so I believe that cloud computing future city construction or big data processing, will be of great help. Kunshan Security Co., Ltd. continued to keep a high investment in R & D in 2014 and has devoted itself to video image processing, codec technology, video intelligent analysis, image pattern recognition, multimedia transmission, multimedia storage and video image display technologies , But also to the strategic development of key technologies such as intelligent analysis of video images, cloud storage, cloud computing and big data, etc., and has formed a solid accumulation of technologies and a sustainable R & D capability. 7, analog high-definition technology

What is the simulation of high-definition technology? The current technical level, is the breakthrough of the original simulation of the theoretical value of analog imaging technology. Of course, there are many technical bottlenecks involved, and there are currently 960H, HDCVI, HDTVI, AHD and so on.


This is a basic continuation of the original simulation technology principles imaging technology, and D1 is different, through the chip program reform, to achieve a theoretical value of the analog clarity of a breakthrough. There are currently two programs, one is the use of CCD program, the program can achieve the highest 700TVL sharpness performance; the other is the CMOS 960H program, the program can achieve the highest 850TVL sharpness performance, earlier proposed CCD program to achieve more clarity performance. In practical application, many 960H products have the actual effect of achieving the nominal high-definition effect currently. Since they are based on the original analog technology, the original analog display can be used to display and the application effect is better. 960H analog products, the application effect of D1 has made a breakthrough in the clarity of Japonica effect, and as the technology matures, the current 960H program products in the price, is close to or lower than the D1 product, cost-effective, better application of the effect will be Will continue its momentum of development for the next few years to prevent the popularity of high-definition Internet.


The two programs proposed by different manufacturers, UOB HDCVI first proposed, Hikvision HDTVI was officially formed in 2014 product line. From the technical principle, the two are very similar, through the use of high-definition sensors, such as 2 million pixel CMOS, the resulting image signal is uncoded compressed digital signal, and then by the modulation chip digital signal directly modulated into analog signals Transmission, to reach the back-end, and then use the demodulation chip to restore and codecs for the network signal compression. The resulting image is more advantageous in terms of color, transmission speed, the highest definition can be achieved 1100TVL, is a revolutionary breakthrough in analog monitoring products, very reluctant to customers who do not want to use network products, and the network HD The spread of the formation of a greater impact.

The development of analog high-definition technology, mainly the latter two, in addition to AHD, ccHDTV, the current technology tends to mature and promote the application, will replace some of the original analog SD system in the next few years, become analog system HD Upgrade Xinli Army.

8, H.265

H.265 is a new video coding standard developed by ITU-TVCEG after H.264. The H.265 standard revolves around the existing video coding standard H.264, preserving some of the original techniques, while improving some related technologies. New Technologies Use advanced techniques to improve the relationship between code stream, encoding quality, latency, and algorithm complexity to optimize settings. Specific research includes: improve compression efficiency, improve robustness and error resilience, reduce real-time delay, reduce channel access time and random access delay, reduce complexity and so on. H264 As the algorithm is optimized, can be less than 1Mbps SD standard digital image transmission; H265 can be achieved using 1 ~ 2Mbps transmission speed 720P ordinary high-definition audio and video transmission.

At present, the network security products industry has been widespread, and the most direct impact of network monitoring is the sudden surge in loans, storage capacity to PB-level computing, such a large bandwidth demand and storage needs, security industry into a passive, How to optimize the codec technology, how to reduce storage technology, has been the H.264 era, security manufacturers must solve a problem. However, due to limitations of H.264, make up is limited, it is always difficult to make a revolutionary breakthrough, the algorithm does not matter, the bandwidth problem still exists, and the storage capacity is still huge. In recent years, the appearance of HD network products such as 4K and high frame rate further exacerbates this situation, and the high-pixel codec technology urgently needs the support of H.265. Therefore, in 2015, H.265 will surely become a hot topic in Beijing Security Exhibition.

Lower bandwidth consumption, higher resolution video encoding and decoding capabilities, better picture quality, let H.265 become a security manufacturer

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