High-tech workshop on the actual demand for video surveillance system

Issuing time:2017-12-15 00:00

According to the actual distribution of buildings and the use of functions, high-tech plant security level can be divided into four categories.

The first level is the park peripheral monitoring area, mainly for the building periphery, usually along the wall to install video surveillance, the establishment of perimeter defense system, once found outside the intrusion detectors can be immediately sent to the intelligence intelligence management center for timely processing ;

The second level is an ordinary protected area, including corridors, corridors, fire escapes and other public areas;

The third level is more important area, including the entrance lobby, elevators, warehouses, loading and unloading areas, mainly for accurate and convenient monitoring of people and vehicles, to protect the safety of goods and personnel;

The fourth level is an important area, including laboratories, research and development centers, financial offices and other key areas, due to the high value of development, laboratories, R & D center import and export channels and channels will be installed cameras from a wide range of daily monitoring of the dynamic laboratory And R & D center will be cross-arranged camera control.

In addition to the above safety monitoring for factories, another important use of video surveillance systems in high-tech workshops is to supervise the operation of production lines in production plants to ensure the quality of production and to avoid unnecessary safety problems in the production process . Especially with the rapid development of IP technology and SDI technology in the recent two years, the monitoring system of the production plant is gradually upgraded to the HD monitoring. The HD camera's built-in analysis function can detect the product of the pipeline and stop when the product passes the position of the camera 1-2 seconds, the camera capture the product after the comparison with the authentic analysis, check the product for missing parts, assembly failure, quality defects and other issues. It is foreseeable that in the future, the demand for intelligent video monitoring of high-tech factory production lines will become even more urgent, which is both a challenge and an opportunity for security companies.

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