The Great Development of Cloud Computing Technology Affects Video Surveillance in New Age

Issuing time:2017-12-15 00:00

Cloud computing has the characteristics of resource optimization, economical use, lower construction and operation and maintenance costs, expansion and sharing and opening up. Cloud computing can make it easier for operators to deploy various applications and improve application efficiency. Through cloud computing and Cloud storage, can better support business use. Cloud computing brings the new features of monitoring applications, has become one of the driving forces to promote the development of security technology.

Cloud computing to promote video surveillance

With the development of cloud computing and big data in recent years, the storage and intelligent analysis problems in the video surveillance business have been solved, and the technology promotion effect is very obvious. This is because the video surveillance in security, transportation, medical, logistics and other fields more and more widely used, and massive video image processing, the corresponding storage and computing platform, and cloud computing and cloud storage is the realization of big data processing Program. And, video surveillance system has been closely linked with the Internet of things, cloud technology. The three levels of the Internet of Things are sensor monitoring, network and application respectively. In the future, video surveillance is an extremely important core node of the Internet of Things, and the amount of video information is huge. With the expansion of the global eye and the development of HD, massive transmission and storage needs, more cloud storage, cloud computing, cloud search technology, and large-scale networking applications are needed.

Through the application of big data processing technology, the world's eye video resources as a basic big data video resources for processing through the global eye platform, on the one hand to achieve the big data on the video processing, on the other hand will be intelligently processed Data, in the global eye platform for integrated data services. Finally, through the use of Internet of Things technology, you can also carry out a variety of applications.

Cloud computing brings new security changes

Cloud computing for the development of security technology, the basic is in accordance with the analog, digital, networked, and even intelligent road development. For the current development positioning, it is from decentralized, non-networked technology toward the integration of the Internet, data-centric shape. Therefore, cloud storage technology is still very advantageous in dealing with this shift. Take Ping An City for example. The current safe city project in the construction process, the monitoring network put forward a very high demand. As a result, many manufacturers have done enough work on the network processing capabilities of DVRs, NVRs, or NASs and SANs, and have greatly improved the network capabilities of various equipment.

In addition, high-definition video after a different encoding, it will have a very large storage needs. This is undoubtedly a very big challenge to traditional storage methods. The emergence of monitoring storage cloud, you can well break the traditional storage model to bring the constraints of storage.

So that different types of storage devices in the network can be effectively combined to form a stronger storage capacity than ever before. Better performance and capacity of the linear expansion, so that the IT field has been the pursuit of "mass storage" possible. And this integration benefits to users is that users can reduce the large amount of investment in monitoring storage devices to reduce the cost of enterprise security management funds. And can better achieve the sharing of resources, data transmission efficiency and security capabilities. In short, the application of this technology is very obvious for the help of large-scale monitoring information management.

In addition, the cloud technology can also be very good intelligent video analysis capabilities. Especially for the safe city such a large-scale monitoring system. Simple manual analysis can no longer effectively monitor each test point, so intelligent system analysis plays an irreplaceable role in this management. At present, the drawbacks that restrict the widespread use of intelligent analysis are not only inefficient, but also inefficient, in addition to the mature technology of intelligent video analysis, which is another major factor.

The current intelligent analysis equipment is mainly installed in the front-end monitoring point control, but the actual effect is not satisfactory. If you use cloud computing technology, you can back up by running idle nodes in the network for intelligent analysis, so as to invest in smaller devices in return for more intelligent work returns.

Cloud computing paves the way for security technology development

Today, cloud computing has been increasingly reaching more areas. And security and cloud computing "cooperation" can give us what kind of effect? Is to catch the popular, chasing fashion? Or really technically cloud computing has a very urgent need? Can it bring us What do you want?

With the video surveillance of high definition and intelligent applications more widely, the amount of data generated is still very large. The so-called, in order to effectively manage the data, so the concept of the introduction of the cloud. The significance of visualization is that in order to improve business management and system management overall efficiency and service level, and the relevant landmark products are our webcams, many of the technologies used here are new technologies in our cloud storage and cloud computing, Adopted the cloud technology, customers do not care about the details of the technology, more concerned about the application of our services.

As the future of high definition, intelligent applications are increasingly widespread, the field of security for cloud computing rely on and even fusion, will be more and more. The continuous improvement of cloud computing, as well as monitoring, smart home demand continues to improve, the integration of security and cloud technology has become an inevitable trend. Even with the current storage needs increasing, increasing compatibility requirements, cloud computing is likely to become the most important way to enhance security performance in the future, even for a long period of time, becoming the only security system performance improvement the way.

Cloud computing applications: Qingli home security

Smart home concept here do not do too much to explain, its popular is through the automation and control systems to achieve home appliances intelligent management. For example, in order to save valuable off hours, you need to remotely control the electric water heater to prepare bath water for you; through the control system, windows, curtains closed and open time can be set according to your personal needs. In the world of mobile Internet, you can control everything in the house with a single button instead of manual operation. What are the new patterns of family cloud applications in smart home? Include the following points:

Smart Wireless Connection: The family cloud covers all the facilities and facilities in the house that you want to control. With intelligent wireless connection, you can enjoy zero data line trouble free.

High-capacity storage and sharing: The family cloud is equivalent to third-party data storage. You can back up the content you want to view to the cloud through the mobile terminal. Any device connected to the cloud can obtain the information. You can either sit on the couch to watch high-definition movies on the TV, you can also use the iPad in bed to see.

Remote control: smart home system main push remote control concept, but requires that all devices must be connected to the same LAN. Long-distance control of mobile phones need to intervene in remote operators, is the current home cloud applications, the biggest obstacle to smart home WAN.

In the home security system, the concept of cloud is mainly manifested in monitoring alarm and storage management. Home monitoring system mainly rely on the network, manufacturers provide network surveillance cameras docking with the service platform to achieve linkage system, by the user authorized home security management, third-party platform to provide real-time monitoring images. This monitoring method is different from home DIY, the manufacturer is responsible for monitoring and management of video data, users login and view by user name and password. If the elderly at home anomalies, manufacturers can inform the hospital directly and inform the families. For the owners to release more work space, real-time monitoring by the manufacturer at home. For the monitoring video also by the manufacturer on behalf of management, according to the need to sign a confidentiality agreement with the user to ensure that video video is not compromised. For the user, this third-generation on behalf of the management actually saves the family to buy and monitor hardware equipment and maintenance costs, while network monitoring by a professional team to create independent of time and place restrictions, users enjoy multi-way real-time monitoring of the full, network Speed is not a problem, safety is not a problem.

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