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About us


       MAETOH is a production company specializing in retail, wholesale terminal product display, POP display stand, China Acrylic Display ,display cabinet design and custom processing, with its own office area and plant area of 18,000 square meters. More than 20,000 products have been developed to date, with more than 2,800 customers. We adhere to the principle of professionalism, efficiency and responsibility. From customization needs, design, quotation, proofing, mass production, logistics and after-sales, we strive to bring good experience to customers and solve the display solutions of shopping malls and enterprise products.

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Our products are spread all over the world: we have established good cooperative relations with big international brands such as Adidas, SKECHERS, DJI International, Sony, Coca-Cola, etc., and have established long-term cooperative relationships with many domestic and foreign large, medium and small brands. .

We have an experienced design and engineering team – designers and engineers have an average of more than 8 years of industry experience, specializing in advanced design software (SOLIDWORKS, 3dMAX, CDR, AI, CAD), and are familiar with various production processes. And the process, in the production process are confirmed by the pre-production sample, more than two mid-term inspections, a random sampling after the final entry, firmly control the quality of the product.

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The company has won the unanimous approval and appreciation from customers for many years of cooperation from products to services: the quality of the products is not only excellent, but also the appearance is closely related to the aesthetics of the times; the service process can communicate with customers in a timely manner and accurately meet the customers' requirements. Demand is deeply trusted by customers.

Whether you are a brand, trader, design company, advertising agency, or you have any business related to advertising display and product display, we will be happy to serve you. Let us work together to design a “home” for our products.

China MAETOH Acrylic display stand manufacturer, has served the major brands in the international market for many years, and has more than 10 years experience in the production and production of acrylic display stands. Mainly: Acrylic display stand, paper display stand, wooden display stand, display display stand, product display stand , POP display stand, display stand manufacturer, display stand ordering, display stand manufacturer, display stand manufacturer hotline: +86-755-36622392


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