How to deal with scratches during acrylic processing?

Issuing time:2020-02-24 08:41

Everyone knows that the application of acrylic products is getting more and more methods. We commonly have acrylic mobile phone display stands, acrylic cigarette holders, hotel supplies, etc. are all processed using acrylic, but scratches will occur in the process of acrylic processing. What should we do at this time? As a professional acrylic processing manufacturer, let's briefly introduce it to everyone.

       Treatment method for scratches in acrylic processing:

       Scratches are more common in the national policy of acrylic processing. Generally, the original glossy surface can be restored by polishing. Otherwise, the scratches will affect the aesthetics of the large acrylic display shelf, and ultimately affect the aesthetics of the displayed products.

Acrylic processing

       Acrylic boards are also prone to electrostatic adsorption dust, so cleaning must not be sloppy. When cleaning, be sure to use a soft cotton cloth dipped in 1% soap water. This method is very simple, which is also the advantage of acrylic display racks.

       I will introduce the treatment method of scratches on acrylic processing here. If you have a friend who wants to customize acrylic products or perform acrylic processing, you can directly consult our online customer service.

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