Acrylic quality identification

Issuing time:2019-10-24 09:30

Acrylic quality identification

Several small methods for the quality identification of acrylic sheets: one look, two smells, three burns, four frictions.

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Look: mainly for transparent boards and whiteboards, see if the thickness is yellow, and the inferior boards will be yellow because of impurities;

Smell: refers to whether there is a pungent smell in the process of cutting, because there are many substances in the inferior board;

Fire: Look at the color of the main flame, look at the generated bubbles after the fire is extinguished, the length of the impurities and the wire

Friction: Look at the hardness and aroma of the surface.

1. Thickness: Thickness is the hard standard for acrylic load-bearing range, and 2 to 30 mm is a common thickness.

2. Feel: The high-quality acrylic material feels round and smooth, without sweat and fingerprints.

3. Uniformity: Whether the color is uniform or not is also one of the criteria for judging whether acrylic is good or bad.

4. Hardware: Hardware with good quality and beautiful appearance is essential for transparent furniture. Inferior hardware is prone to problems such as difficulty, rust, and inflexibility during long-term use.


Acrylic logo features: New polyester material, thermoformed or flat edging, built-in light source on the metal base for visual impact.

Weather resistance: the panel is coated with high-concentration UV absorber, and the metal base is sprayed with imported automotive paint, which can last for a long time and never fade. The service life is 5-8 years.

Durability: The product has good protection for the built-in light source and prolongs the service life of the light source.

Impact resistance: 200 times that of glass products, there is almost no risk of breakage.

Rationality: rational design, rain and moisture proof; open structure for easy maintenance.

Transmittance: up to 94%, excellent light transmission, soft light, dazzling.

Flame resistance: not spontaneous combustion.

Aesthetics: exquisite craftsmanship, full font with mirror effect, no wrinkles on the base, no seams, all riveting is not exposed.

Energy-saving: good light transmission performance, correspondingly reduce light source products, save electricity, and reduce the cost of use.

In China, the use of acrylic signage products is still in its infancy, but with the demonstration use of internationally renowned companies such as McDonald's and KFC, more and more companies in large and medium-sized cities love the built-in light source of acrylic panel materials. Marking products, because the original metal, inkjet, it is difficult to meet the requirements of the merchants in terms of materials and craftsmanship, and the acrylic molding characters (lightboxes) can satisfy the daytime and nighttime effects of the merchants, and the colors are gorgeous. It is highly popular because it can provide personalized services and provide a uniform standard size, unified distribution and many other services. The world of acrylic is coming, are you ready?

The overall advantages of the acrylic sheet: good light transmission (94% transmittance), high temperature and easy forming, water absorption and electrical conductivity. It has good flexibility, good elasticity and strong impact resistance, which is 8 times that of glass.

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