Acrylic production process

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Process performance

Acrylic sheet has crystal transparency, and the light transmittance is over 92%. The acrylic board colored with dye has good color development effect. In addition, the acrylic sheet has excellent weather resistance, high surface hardness and surface. Gloss and good high temperature resistance. Acrylic sheets have good processing properties and can be divided into casting type and extrusion type according to the production process. Both thermoforming (including molding, blow molding, and vacuum blistering) can be used, as well as mechanical processing such as drilling, turning, washing, cutting, and the like. Micro-computer controlled mechanical cutting and engraving not only greatly improve the processing accuracy, but also create more beautiful patterns and shapes than the traditional way. In addition, the acrylic sheet can be laser-cut and laser-engraved to produce strange products.

Hardness is one of the parameters that best reflects the production process and technology of the acrylic sheet, and is an important part of quality control. The hardness can reflect the purity of the raw material MMA, the weather resistance of the sheet, and the high temperature resistance. The hardness directly affects whether the sheet will shrink and bend, and whether the surface will be cracked during processing. Hardness is one of the hard and good indicators for judging the quality of acrylic sheets. The cast acrylic sheet has the highest hardness index of the current Durau hardness value of 90 degrees.


Acrylic sheet has excellent weather resistance, especially for outdoor use, it is the crown of other plastics, and has good surface hardness and luster. It has large processing plasticity and can be made into various shapes and products. The variety of plates is rich in color (including translucent swatches), and the other feature is that the slabs still maintain high transparency.

It has good light transmittance and is a colorless transparent plexiglass plate with a light transmittance of over 92%. It has excellent weather resistance and is highly adaptable to the natural environment, even if it is exposed to sunlight for a long time. It will change its performance, good anti-aging performance; good processing performance, suitable for both mechanical processing and thermoforming; acrylic sheet can be dyed, the surface can be painted, silk screen or vacuum coated. It is non-toxic and harmless even if it is in contact with people for a long time. The gas generated during combustion does not produce toxic gases. It has excellent weather resistance, acid resistance and alkali resistance. Especially used outdoors, in the crown of other plastics, and has a good surface hardness and luster, processing plasticity, heat type time is very factory, can be made into a variety of shapes and products. The other types of plates are rich in color (including translucent swatches), and the other feature is that the slabs still maintain high transparency.

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Technical indicators

Density: 19kg/dm3; Light transmittance: 92%; Impact strength ≥16kg/cm3; Tensile strength ≥61Kg/m3; Thermal deformation temperature ≥78°C; Thermal softening temperature ≥105°C; Specification: 1.22×2.44, 1.22× 1.83m, 1.25×2.5m, 2×3m, 2.05×3.05m......; thickness: 2mm-50mm.

1. Unparalleled outdoor weather resistance, the panel is coated with high-concentration UV absorber, and the metal base is sprayed with imported automotive paint, which can last for a long time, does not fade, and has a service life of 5-8 years.

2. The transparent plate is crystal clear and transparent, 200 times that of the glass product, and there is almost no danger of breakage.

3. The surface is high in gloss, smooth and flat, and the light transmittance is as high as 93%. The light transmission is excellent, the light is soft and dazzling.

4. It has a variety of colors, such as transparent, translucent, milky white and various surface effects. It adopts a new type of polyester material, which is formed by hot bending or flat edging. The metal base has a built-in light source, which is very visually impactful.

5. Excellent processing performance; thermoforming It is easy to process and cost reasonable when making signs and signs with outstanding visual effects. The craftsmanship is exquisite, the full font is mirror-finished, the base is not wrinkled, no seams, all the riveting is not exposed.

6. Green and environmentally-friendly, waste materials can be completely recycled, and recycling is simple and easy. The light transmission performance is good, the light source product is reduced correspondingly, the electricity is saved, and the use cost is reduced.

7. Excellent surface hardness and scratch resistance, the product has good protection for the built-in light source and prolongs the service life of the light source.

8. Good chemical resistance, better than most other plastic materials.

9. Easy to clean, maintain, ensure the appearance of signboards, light boxes, such as new, reasonable design, rain and moisture, open structure, easy to repair.

10. Flame resistance: not self-igniting and self-extinguishing

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